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Chosen Growth MISSION

Personal and Athletic Growth. Small Choices Made Over Time!

      Welcome to Chosen Growth, an intentional based performance company that aims to develop and promote personal and athletic growth at the youth, middle school and high school levels. Everyday we are faced with choices and decisions that should guide us to reach our fullest athletic and mental potential. We are constantly chasing the best version of ourselves and that is only obtainable by the simple choices we make on a daily basis over time. BE INTENTIONAL!

     Lacrosse programming will focus on fundamental growth and development for any skill level. Chosen Growth will offer competitive clinics, growth training sessions, position specific clinics, developmental academies, individual lessons, camps, and playdays in different locations with various age groups.

     Chosen Growth also offers leadership and consulting services. "The Lead Element," leadership service, dives into what separates certain people from others, why some people find success in leading where others fall short and what does real leadership look like, an original understanding of the topic.

     Chosen Growth consulting targets our clients' most specific issues and recommends a realistic plan of process with actionable solutions. Founded in truth, Chosen Growth Consulting has capabilities in the following, but not limited to, athletic and personal performance, group dynamics; organization, and efficiency, leadership effectiveness, event staffing; management, and operation, as well as nutritional education.       

     We will put a premium on personal growth both on the lacrosse field and off. No matter what you are doing, to get to where you want to go, it will require a specific process. A certain level of hard work and a willingness to go beyond your comfort zone is required. Chosen Growth aims to instill that mindset through small consistent action based off of the simple choices we make.

     Chosen Growth is committed to providing a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere where we can all make each other better. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on all things Chosen Growth and the most current training opportunities.

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All Chosen Growth activities are open to any and all participants. Limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender.

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